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  • Strong SRT 7000 Smart TV Ready with Twin Tuner HD with built in 500Gb HDD - Record 3 Chan and watch a 4th Chan

    Strong SRT 7000 Smart TV Ready with Twin Tuner HD with built in 500Gb HDD - Record 3 Chan and watch a 4th Chan

    STRONG‘s newest arrival is set to change the world of TV, now you can get Smart TV on your TV. The SRT 7000 offers the usual STRONG DVR features; 500GB Hard Drive, Twin Tuners, Multimedia playback, it also supports a Component & Composite AV Input to record from external devices; such as Camcorder, CD, DVD, Pay TV and game consoles. Now we have added the Internet; with full web browsing, social media and live video streaming, there is also Smart Phone connectivity – you can turn your smart phone into a remote and you can share photos, video and music between your phone, iPad(or other tablet), PC and DVR. It comes with a wireless dongle for Wifi connection or you can run cable. You can even add a wireless keyboard and mouse (not supplied). But back to the TV; the SRT 7000 features Smart Series Record, you can record every episode of your favourite TV program in simple steps, you don’t even need the internet connection for this feature. The Twin Tuners allow you to record up to 3 programs while watching a 4th (from 2 networks) or a pre-recorded program.

    500 HDD
    Built In 500GB Hard Disk Drive
    twin tuner
    Twin Tuner, record 3 programs while watching a 4 (from 2 networks)
    Full High Definition quality picture & sound
    On Screen Electronic Program Guide with one touch record
    USB 2.0 for firmware updates & additional record from external USB HDD (not supplied)
    parental lock
    Parental Lock
    Closed Captions text for the hearing impaired
    HDMI Connections, plus composite and component
    Digital Audio
    Digital Audio, including Internet Radio
    Multimedia playback from SD & USB includes, JPEG, MP3, DivX, MKV, VOB, AVI and more
    Internet content including YouTube, Weather, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa.
    MEPS Compliant; minimum power consumption
    3D Compatible; will record and playback 3D content on 3D capable TVs
    Record, Pause and Rewind live TV
    Smart Phone
    iPod, iPad and Android connectivity & control, turn your device into a remote, data exchange between devices and DVR.
    Smart Series Record, record every episode of your favourite program

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