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    Mobile Phone 3G 4G Antennas

    AM101 Magnetic Base mount to suit Laser 7dbi Mobile phone Antenna


    Magnetic attachment AM101 magnetic base mount which suits Laser antenna 731 for $139.99

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    -Strong magnet , will stick to car while driving

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    Australian Made 16.5dbi Peroidic Log GSM Mobile Phone Antenna for 3G 4G GSM

    High Quality Australian Made Mobile Phone / Data Antenna – ideal for both 3G and 4G Solutions

    Directional peroidic log antenna for GSM / 3G / 4G Networks

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    This is a high quality Australian Made GSM / mobile phone antenna. Out performs many other directional antennas of higher rated gain levels. This antenna is a peroidic log GSM antenna opposed to the tradational yagi style GSM antenna. The element spacing increases according to basic mathematics involving logarithms.

    Logarithms are related to musical tones and intervals. The same science is being more and more applied in the communications industry and in this case giving an increased signal strength over yagi antennas using older technology.

    It has the features of Very High Gain, weather proof, designed and built for use in the rugid and harsh Australian conditions.

    Features and benefits

    Broadband 824-1000 MHz and 1700-2170 MHz
    Gain : 14-16dBi
    Covers ALL Australian cellular-Mobile bands
    52 elements
    Full length 100 cm
    VSWR <2.5:1 front to Back Ratio (F/B Ratio) > 20dB (nominal)
    Output power handling: 10 W Input impedance
    50 Ohms (nominal)
    Polarization Vertical
    Includes 7 meters of quality Low Los LMR 200 coaxial cable with copper inductor Gold/SILVER plated Fme connector Wing Nuts

    Price: $249.00
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    Axis 7dbi Mobile Phone Antenna to suit NextG 3G

    Suit mobile phone and/or telstra data stick or modem – Axis one of the leaders in Australian made mobile phone antennas

    7dbi antennas will work better with terrain
    9dbi Antennas will work better on a flat land mass with direct line of sight

    Additional DescriptionMore Details

    Axis - High Quality Mobile Phone Antenna - 7dbi is a very good all rounder antenna
    -Stainless steel spring
    -Comes with 5m cable with FME connection
    -Call us for a full range of patch cables to suit

    Price: $149.00
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    Axis 9dbi Mobile Phone Antenna for NextG 3G - Australian Made

    Suit mobile phone and / or telstra data dongles and modems – Axis – high quality Australian made 9dbi omni directional whip antenna

    7dbi antennas is the best all round antenna if there is terrain
    9dbi Antennas will work further away but suits flat terrain

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    Axis - Australian made

    Price: $249.00
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    Bull Bar Bracket Mount for mobile phone antenna

    Bull bar bracket mount to suit UHF or mobile phone antenna. Comes with two U bolts

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    Bull bar bracket mount to suit UHF or mobile phone antenna. Comes with two U bolts

    Price: $20.00
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    Cellink 5dbi Mobile Phone Antenna

    Suit mobile phone or data modem
    Low gain , but ideal for modems with no antenna

    Additional DescriptionMore Details

    Standard 5dbi with small magnetic base antenna - suits most common phone & modem patch leads.

    Open Spring type tuning coil
    Black anodized low wind noise whip
    High wind/speed magnetic base
    Rubber lined to protect duco’
    Excellent robust solution for non-permanent installations
    Pre-Crimped FME Female Plug 3M of super low-loss cable

    Price: $49.99
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    FME Patch lead - CAL2560 to Suit most telstra phones but call to check please

    Suit Alcatel OT320 , MOT T190/T191 , SAM N171 / 181 , Sharp GX17 , LG TD6100 , Telstra F850 ZTE / ZTE F252 CAL2560 2560

    Does Most Telstra Mobile Phones

    Please call with your exact model so we can provide the right cable, or bring your phone/stick into the store

    Additional DescriptionMore Details

    Does Most Telstra Mobile Phones

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    Laser 7dbi Gain Antenna with optional magnetic attachment

    The LASER CODE 731 is a slim line high gain collinear style antenna suitable for both the 850Mhz and 900Mhz frequencies. This antenna uses our patented LASER REACT system to provide a low VSWR. An allen key is also supplied for element replacement.

    Suits magnetic attachment AM101 magnetic base mount which is $35

    Additional DescriptionMore Details

    -No tuning necessary
    -Slim line collinear element
    -Detachable antenna from mount
    -Only 890mm long
    -Complete with right angle base on approx 4.5mm low loss double shielded coax with FME

    Price: $169.00
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