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  • Altech UEC DSR 4639 VAST Twin Tuner 500GB PVR Dual Channel Recorder

    Altech UEC DSR 4639 VAST Twin Tuner 500GB PVR Dual Channel Recorder

    The Altech UEC DSR 4639 Twin tuner VAST is a Dual Channel High Definition Personal Video Recorder with built in 500Gb hard drive. This receiver is 12 volt. The DSR4639 can process 3 streams simultaneously. You can record simultaneously 2 channels and watch a third from within a network.

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    Not only do we offer low prices but we have outstanding service – We have a massive team of 7 including four staff that are Australian government approved antenna, satellite and commercial experts. We all with knowledge on LNB setups and configuartions, a vast knowledge on what channels you can get receive Australia-wide. Feel free to call us for any information, advice or support (as long as you purchase from us). We are not an online store with no support or service.


    Dimensions: ~30cm x ~20cm x ~6cm
    Front End Tuner Specifications
    Frequency range
    DVB- Standard
    Symbol Rate ( DVB-S2 )
    Symbol Rate ( DVB-S )
    950 - 2150 Mhz
    DVB-S2 QPSK Demodulator , 8 PSK
    2 Msym/sec to 30 Msym/sec
    2 Msym/sec to 45 Msym/sec
    Processor Core
    Host Processor
    Flash Memory
    STi 7105, 450 Mhz core processor
    32 MBytes
    256 MBytes
    Video Decoder
    Video Format
    Video Outputs
    MPEG-4 (H.264), MPEG-2 MP@HL
    1080p,1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i
    Audio Decoder
    Dolby audio support
    Mpeg 2 layer 1&2 ( Musicam ), MPEG4 AAC/AAC+
    Downmix and pass through via HDMI, optical and coaxial connectors
    RF in
    HD video
    SD Video
    Digital Audio
    Analogue Audio
    Serial Connector
    Smart Card
    Power Supply
    F- Type
    Composite video and Component video
    Optical , Coaxial and HDMI
    RCA Left & Right
    USB 2.0
    9 pin D-type for data services
    ISO 7818
    12 Volt external power supply
    500 GB

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