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  • Satellite Smartcards

    Satellite Smartcards

    Blank Fun Wafer Card

    Blank Fun Wafer Card

    16F84 + 24C16

    Suitable for access control

    e.g Door security system

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    Very limited stock left - Be quick

    Price: $7.50
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    Irdeto Card Access Module CAM

    IRDETO CAM Module

    Two brands available – SCM or Smit

    $30  - REFURBISHED – Tested and working

    12 month warranty

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    • Support irdeto
    • $30 - Limited Stock Be Quick

    Price: $59.00
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    Null Modem Cable

    Null modem cable – For connecting set top box to computer

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    Null modem cable - Used for software upgrades to set top boxes

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    VAST Multi Service 8ch CAM Module with VAST smart card for headend


    • For Use on the VAST Satellite Service
    • Can decode 8 Services simultaneously on multiple transponders depending on hardware – please contact our commercial division for information on a number of VAST headends available for commercial use
    • VAST Smartcard Included and Married
    • Irdeto Licenced multi service CAM module


    • 8 CH Access via Commercial SMATV headend – please contact us for more information – supports COFDM, IPTV and Fibre headends
    • SMiT Professional Series CAM module
    • DVB Number 5877
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    The VAST 8 channel multi service conditional access module (CAM) can access up to 8 services from multiple transponders depending on hardware (some hardware only allows 8 channels per transponder so please contact us).

    Price: $999.00
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    VAST Satellite Smart Card

    VAST smart card comes with Altech UEC DSD 4121 240V together as a pair, and are not sold separately. This comes with the smartcard for $179. You can purchase the 12/240Volt Satking VAST receiver with smart card for $230 which is better suited for use in caravan. Please call us if you are unsure

    You can blame the government and the digital ready body for making customers purchase the VAST Satellite decoder with VAST card instead of just making customers purchase a card for customers with existing decoders. We are very sorry to existing customers that have recently purchased any type of satellite boxes which are now not compatible with the VAST satellite system. The actions of the government are beyond our control.

    See the link below for more info

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    See Satellite Receivers on the left hand side - Then click VAST Satellite Receivers

    Price: $265.00
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