Deutsche Technologies 260W Poly Solar Panel


Perfect for the roof of a house, caravan, farm or motorhome. Designed from high quality polycrystalline silicon and covered in a robust 3mm tempered glass layer. The panels have a 20 year manufacturer warranty and housed in a robust metal frame. Polycrystalline panels are made from a single large crystal. Generally these are most expensive but most efficient type of panel today (they perform better in low light conditions). These panels are completely shade tolerant, so power is still being generated when situated in a shady location, although the power input is a lot less due to less light being absorbed.

  • Max Power - 260w
  • Max Power Tolerance - */-3%
  • Open Circuit Voltage - 37.2
  • Short Circuit Voltage - 9.36
  • Max Power Voltage - 30
  • Mac Power Current - 8.67
  • Weight - 17.8
  • Dimensions - 1650*992*40mm
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