Frequently Asked Questions VAST SAT TV Support

Support for Australian VAST Satellite TV Services

Question: I Have Purchased A Vast Satellite TV Receiver and Am Getting A No Permission To View This Channel Message?

Answer: Have you registered the VAST satellite smart card. This is required to receive access to full range of TV channels. The card can be registered for free at

If the card has already been registered with VAST it can be re-activated at

If you are not receiving all the commercial channels (7,9,10) you can contact VAST administration on 1300 993 376 who can re-activate your commercial channels or give you advice and assistance. If the receiver was activated as a traveler it needs to be RENEWED every 6 months. This can be done via the website or by calling VAST on 1300 993 376. There is no fees or charges involved with renewing the services.

If the box was activated permanently it is not required to renew access to 7,9 and 10 commercial channels every 6 months.

Question: I Have Purchased A Vast Satellite Decoder And I Have Existing Equipment Previously Purchased Elsewhere - It Says Searching For Signal - What Is Wrong? 

Answer: For customers that have existing satellite equipment bought elsewhere and it is not working – don’t worry we will guide you through everything in some simple easy instructions.<If you have an existing Foxtel or Austar dish that is less than 5 years old – the satellite decoder will simply plug and play as your LNB should already be 10700 , which is what the VAST decoder is presettoo. Any foxtel/austar dish which is older than 6 years has a high chance of being a 11300 LNB. This will not pickup all the channels and requires a new 10700 LNB to be fitted. The 10700 LNB only costs $30 and will provide all the channels available. Please call if you require a new LNB or not sure if you need a new LNB. If you have an old massive 1+ metre dish prime focus dish , most of them are called “Andrews 1.2m dish” which were used prior to 2001 then you will be required to purchase a new prime focus LNB.

The LNB, which some people call it the “white thing on the end of the dish”. It basically is the main picked (signal converter/amplifier) which picks up the signal from the dish and sends it down the cable.

There are three main settings which are used for small satellite dishes in Australia (Ku-Band)

1. LO: 10700 LNB – commonly used by Foxtel and majority of other satellite services in Australia
2. LO: 11300 LNB – not as common and will not pickup all the VAST channels (you will need upgrade to 10700 – please call us)
3. Universal LNB – not as common

If you have a 11300 LNB please follow the instructions. This LNB will not give you all the available channels due to the fact
it is operating on a lower frequency and can not pick up the transponders operating on a higher frequency.


Press the MENU button on the remote control


Select INSTALLATION SETUP and then press OK button

The PIN code is 1234 which needs to be entered on the remote control

Change LNB FREQUENCY from 10700 to 11300 (use the left arrow on remote control to delete the exisiting numbers)
Select ACCEPT SETTINGS and then press OK button
Press the EXIT button on the remote, it will now say the settings have been changed and would you like to RESCAN THE CHANNELS – Press OK
It will then SCAN the channels into the box – if the LNB is an 11300 LNB it will then say SIGNAL FOUND and scan all 81 channels into the box


1. When you turn the box on , it will have a black screen and say at the top of the
screen “searching for satellite signal”.

2.Press the Menu Button , then press Menu
again , it will come up with the Satking Menu Screen.

3. The first option is SIGNAL FINDING. Press okay and choose signal finding.
You will see a map of Australia , choose a state , WA is 6, QLD is 4.

4. After you can choose the location , it will display all the compass directions and
vertical elevation angles , which is good if you lose your book for the instructions.

5.Then next screen is the LNB setup, it should say 10700 which is the factory setting. You need to press the left button until you see the SETTING – 9750 / 10600
The signal will go green when selecting the right LNB Frequency setting.

6. The next screen is the satellite finder , when you find the satellite it will beep
louder – if you dish was already aligned it will beep once changing to the right setting the LNB frequency. Once you have a locked signal you can press okay to scan the channels.

If you are using an 11300 LNB you will not get all the ABC and SBS channels as possibly lose more in the future as the 11.721GHZ TRANSPONDER is out of range for an 11300 LNB to pickup.
You can purchase a 10700 Single output LNB for as cheap as $30, 10700 Sharp dual output LNB for $45 (Foxtel Approved), or 10700 Sharp Quad output LNB for $49.

Question: What Is Vast Satellite TV? 

Answer: The Viewer Access Satellite Television service, or VAST, is a satellite television platform in Australia, providing digital television and radio services to remote and rural areas, as well as viewers in terrestrial black spots. The service using the Optus C1 and Optus D3 satellites (SAME LOCATION). It is funded by the Australian Government and managed through a joint-venture between Southern Cross Media and Imparja Television.


On 10 January 2010, the Australian Government announced a new satellite service to deliver digital television and radio channels to Australian viewers who reside in remote and rural areas, or who can’t obtain adequate television signal in an existing metropolitan or regional terrestrial broadcast area, commonly referred to as being in a black spot. Initially, the service was only available to viewers in and around Mildura, Victoria, to coincide with Australia’s first analog television switch-off.[2] On 15 December 2010, the service was made available to viewers in the existing Remote Central and Eastern Australia and Mt Isa licence areas.[3] In April 2011, the Western VAST service began for Regional and Remote Western Australia viewers.[4]


Is available to anyone in Australia, primarily for Australian viewers in remote and rural areas, and black spot locations.


Viewers accessing the service must use a VAST certified satellite television set-top box and smartcard. All of these are available in our online shop located on the left hand side of our website.

Viewers wanting a set top box with 12 Volt and 240 Volt capabilities are recommended to purchase a Satking VAST satellite TV receiver. It has functions such a glow in the dark remote, recording support to USB stick or hard drive, possibility to use it inside a cupboard with the optional IR extender, and many other sophisticated features none of its predecessors had. This is the receiver of choice in terms of features and functionality.

There is also a 12 Volt Altech 4639 which has a 500gb HDD which can record two channels and watch a 3rd channel simultaneously. This box supports both 12 Volt and 240 Volt.

There is the Humax VAST satellite decoder which is 240 Volt only. It has twin tuner and comes in either 500gb or 1000gb. It can record two channels at the same time and watch one of its recording simultaneously. It has support to a number of online features such as Quickflix and ABC iView.

Question: What Sort Of Picture And Sound Quality Can I Expect From Vast Satellite Television? 

Answer: Because satellite broadcasts are digital the quality of the picture is perfect. Unlike standard analogue television reception, there are no variations in picture quality – the picture is perfect quality, or isn’t there at all; there are no “in-betweens”. The satellite receiver will work with both new and old TV’s regardless of age. A number of channels are broadcast in FULL HD Picture quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Question: What Channels Will I Receive With Satellite System? 

Answer: The new government funded satellite system is called V.A.S.T – Viewer Access Satellite Television. Aimed at providing perfect digital reception to people in blackspot and rural areas. At the moment the only way to pick up the VAST system is with a VAST High Definition Satellite decoder, which comes with the smart card (access card) built in.

The VAST system has 107 digital channels including many High Definition channels.

The channels available include

-ABC1,2,3,4 and ABC24HourNewsHD for every state/territory
-SBS 1,2,3HD for every state and territory
-NITV – the dedicated National Indigenous TV Channel
-Over 60 radio stations which can be accessed Australia-wide in areas were this is no radio signals at all

For Every State excluding Western Australia
-7Central, 9Imparja , 10Central
-One HD, Eleven, 7Two, 7Mate, 9Go, 9GEM and more
-The local news content from regional broadcasters will eventually be available on a dedicated local news channel exclusive to VAST.

If the smart card is registered to Western Australian (traveller or permanent)
-7GWN , 9Win and 10West
-One HD, Eleven, 7Two, 7Mate, 9Go, 9GEM and more

There is also over 60 radio channels from both ordinary AM and FM frequencies.

There are no ongoing costs when using these services as they are both free to air services. The new VAST satellite system is completely government funded.