HDMI Extender Over IP with IR with loop through

HDMI Extender Over IP with IR with loop through

HDMI Matrix Switch 4 x 4 with remote control

HDMI Matrix Switch 4 x 4 with remote control

HDMI Matrix Up to 72 x 72 HDMI VGA AV RGB

Regular Price $6,999.00 Special Price $3,999.00
Special item-24

Standard Configuration of 8 HDMI inputs and 8 HDMI outputs (via single data) is $4000 normally $4999 for a limited time only. For a different configuration smaller or bigger with any inputs please call us for a quote.

ACCESS-HDMI-MATRIX-10x10 modular matrix switch with audio port, support

HDMI1.4 , HDCP, and DVI 1.0 . Support for 12-bit color depth all HDTV

resolutions including 1080p/60,and PC resolution up to 1920 * 1200. It

enables cross seamless switching from any of 10 hdmi input to any of 10

hdmi output.

Exclusive central controller feature as an option, Users are able to control

the matrix switcher, and even more IR and RS232 devices by any authorised

iOS/android panel in a LAN, without any other controller


Support HDMI input audio loop out, HDMI output audio separation of functions;
Long wire drive capability;
Connection prompt function;
Compatible with HDCP: such as blue DVD,GAME BOX etc;
Audio access functions; VIDEO signal input board, VGA signal input board with audio
interface. Can switch video by cooperating with audio output seperation function;
The EDID support computing capabilities; Automatic calculation of intersection and
collection. Matrix switcher can obtain the best resolution change the resolution
by triggering signal source while one input signal switching to display device with different
resolution (automatic mode);
The EDID support switching function; read back EDID from any output display device and
switch to another output display device;
Power off memory and scene memory functions.can save and use 10 kind of switch state.

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