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Intellisat Autosat 2S Automatic Satellite System

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Satking Promax Automatic Satellite System

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The SatKing Pro Max automatic motorised satellite TV dish system is the latest system to hit the market. The new design is the most advanced system on the market, utilizing the latest in flat panel antenna design. This motorised satellite system suits Foxtel and VAST satellite TV. The unit has dual LNB outputs to suit twin tuner STB’s like Foxtel IQ/Austar MyStar and VAST twin tuner receivers.

The SatKing Pro Max is very simple and easy to use by simply just turning the unit on and the built in GPS system will locate your required satellite very fast. Another great benefit of having a built in GPS system is that if you forget to return the unit to the home position or haven’t wired the vehicle ignition wire to the Pro Max, the motorised dish will automatically retract once the vehicle is travelling above 10Kph (the unit does require 12v or 24v power).

Flat panel satellite antennas also take up smaller amount of space on the roof of your van leaving you with more choices for position of your installation on your roof, whether it be between solar panels and air conditioners. Flat panel satellite TV antennas offer higher signal gain than equivalent size offset satellite TV dishes. The SatKing Pro Max moves on 3 axis meaning the old days of having to manually get up on the roof of the van to adjust LNB skew (turning the LNB clockwise or anti clockwise) when you are travelling from say Melbourne across to Adelaide and then to Perth are gone. The complete head of the antenna simply adjusts automatically for you. Automatic skew will also improve the signal quality to assist you further.

The SatKing Pro Max is precision made for harsh Australian conditions, it is rugged in construction with all main drive gears being metal for long life. The unit is backed with a 3 year Australian warranty. The unit is made in Korea, Korea is famous for making high quality and latest technology products.

For peace of mind, this unit is supported by SatKing’s 1300 Help line to assist with your initial set up and support you as required along all of your travels. SatKing is a large Australian owned company with a government approved satellite receiver so we are here to stay!


Fully automatic self aligning
Pre-Programmed to receive VAST and Foxtel/Austar
Flat panel design offers compact size with big performance
Dual output LNB as standard to suit twin tuner STB’s
Built in GPS to find satellites fast
Last position memory to save on search times
Suitable for Caravan, motorhome, motor vehicle and camping use
Automatic retraction upon vehicle start up or you exceed 10KPH
Automatic LNB skew
Powerful DC motor with metal gears
Can be self installed, detailed instructions and roof mount included
3 Year warranty
1300 Number help line
Made for harsh Australian conditions
Tested in weak signal areas such as Darwin NT and Coral Bay WA
Made and designed in Korea

Package Includes:

1 x Flat antenna
1 x Vehicle roof mounting kit
1 x Controller
1 x DC Power cable
1 x Instruction booklet
1 x Colour gift box

Physical Specifications

Dimensions: 520 x 600 x 246 mm
Weight: 18.5kg
Operating temperature range: -30°C to 60°C

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