Deluxe Portable Satellite Kit with No Receiver


The high performance Deluxe Access Antenna dish that comes with the kit has been designed and patented in Australia by Australians to ensure that it works across 100% of Austalia. To back this up, we offer a 100% money back guarantee should you find a place in Australia that this kit doesn’t work due to coverage.

This kit includes the following:

  • 80cm high performance Access Antennas dish with an Australian designed removable arm mechanism which enables the arm on the dish to be completely detached and stored in the bag (optional) in less than 15 seconds. We guarantee 100% coverage of Australia.
  • Tri-adjustable tripod with spirit level
  • High performance 10.7 LNB
  • Satking SK-99 satellite finder
  • Military style compass
  • Inclometer with magnetic base
  • 20m + 2m high quality satellite cable kit with high end Foxtel PCT compression connectors
  • Instructional DVD and booklet

For the traveller with no satellite experience, all the equipment provided is guaranteed to be of the highest quality with the added ability to disassemble into a compact kit for travelling.

The kit includes an 80cm high performance Access Antennas dish (the Rolls Royce of satellite TV dishes) with an Australian designed removable arm mechanism which enables the arm on the dish to be completely detached to store in optional bag in less than 15 seconds. It fits perfectly in the padded carry bag with the tripod. Dimensions: 78cm by 80cm in size, brackets are only 125mm. Highest quality dish on the market in terms of durability, performance and size. We guarantee use in 100% of Australia (wing nuts are included free of charge so no spanners are needed for dish alignment).

High performance 10.7 LNB - this not only receives the signal but also converts and amplifies the signal. We highly recommend getting the best as it will have improved signal pickup in weak signal areas.

We have two options for choice of satellite finder.

Satking SK-99 Satellite finder with short lead (no batteries needed, with built in light and audible tone). The unit does not have an internal battery as it is an inline unit powered by your receiver.

Tripod Mount - we have new high quality fully galvanised steel tripods that are engineered and designed for the caravan satellite industry - the smallest sat tripods on the market at approx 40cm when collapsed - with a low centre of gravity so the dish is more stable in heavy wind (see picture on the left). It comes with a built in spirit level to ensure the highest signal levels when the ground is not flat. They come with adjustable legs to get the tripod level when the ground is not flat, and each leg has holes to peg it down.

20m high quality satellite cable with high end Foxtel endorsed PCT compression connectors (more cable can be provided on request). Cable is completely weather proof guaranteed - see the PCT video above about the American designed waterproof technology.

Military style compass.

Access Antennas Angle Inclometer with magnetic attachment gives a precise reading of the exact elevation angle from gravity (removes the need of having a spirit level).

Easy to understand instruction booklet & instructional step by step DVD to walk you through the steps required to get up and running quickly

Access Antennas and Satellites take care that your satellite system not only works - but works perfectly!

Order by phone or online via our website.

Phone orders are welcome - (08) 9446 4433 - (02) 5615 8053 .

We can post to any location within Australia for only $49 delivered - registered with Australia Post for security and peace of mind. This cost includes a custom designed box to protect your new investment and ttacking of your order while it’s with the freight carrier.

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