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Fibaro Home Center 2

Fibaro Home Center 2

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The devices of the FIBARO System form a network among themselves which enables mutual and stable communication, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of the entire smart home system. With use of flush-mounted modules and Wall Plug (smart electrical outlet) which are Z-Wave repeaters, the smart home network range is extended and the devices intelligently find the way of communication between the devices and the Home Center HUB.

As a user of the smart home system, you receive FIBARO ID that allows you to use all FIBARO services. Access to your home and your data is protected at the highest level through WAF and Anti--DDoS systems. Communication between devices and the smart home HUB including all passwords are encrypted thus you can be sure that your home is safe in every possible way.

Monitoring, setup and management of the smart home system is possible thanks to a simple and functional app available for your PC, tablet, smartphone and even Apple Watch. Get notifications on selected devices, analyze your activity history, and see energy consumption statistics on a screen size that you prefer. Manage FIBARO System as you like whenever you want, wherever you want.

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