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Garmin BC50 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin BC50 Wireless Backup Camera

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Reverse with confidence, even in larger vehicles or with trailers. This wireless backup camera gives you a clear view on your compatible Garmin sat nav.

  • See a clear view behind your vehicle on your compatible sat nav when in reverse.
  • A long transmission range makes this camera ideal for longer vehicles.
  • A wide field of view gives a full picture of what’s behind your vehicle.
  • Rugged design lets you take on harsh road conditions with no worries.
  • Your backup camera’s signal reaches up to a 50 feet (15 m) true working range, which means your sat nav will wirelessly connect, even in longer campers, trucks and trailers.
  • A 160-degree field of view means you’ll see what’s coming from behind your vehicle while you’re in reverse.
  • This camera delivers a clear image on the road and off, and the IP67 weather-resistant design can withstand the elements.
  • BC 50 requires connection to a switched power source, such as your vehicle’s reverse lights (professional installation recommended).
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