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Hills Starlink Gen 3 (v4) Mount Adapter 32-50mm Pole

Hills Starlink Gen 3 (v4) Mount Adapter 32-50mm Pole

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The Hills Antenna FB607313 Gen 3 V4 Starlink Pole Adaptor is specifically designed to mount a Starlink GEN 3 V4 Satellite Dish to almost any pole on the market.

Please note - Shipment for this product is delayed until 01/08/2024

Unlike 3D printed methods, our engineers have meticulously crafted a plastic injection moulding technique with our unique and exclusive material composition, to construct an exceptionally strong adaptor that boasts not only a robust performance but long lasting solution. It's construction is so durable, it has been successfully tested to withstand the weight of a 3 tonne truck!

It's formulation ensures durability and reliability in diverse environmental conditions, with a superior UV resistance and capacity to weather the most severe temperature changes.

Colour matched to the underside of the Starlink GEN 3 V4 Dish, mounting is incredibly simple. The Click-In tab design allows for a secure fitting to the dish, whilst two M6 Stainless Steel Screws (304) bolts are used for fastening to the pole.

  • Suits Starlink GEN 3 V4 Dish (Click-In tab design)
  • Supports Pole Diameter: 32mm to 50mm (32mm to 42mm requires Small Pole Diameter Adaptor)
  • Precision injection moulded with propreitary formulation
  • Heavy-duty material with exceptional UV resistance, withstanding severe temperature changes
  • 20° tilt angle to prevent snow build up in icy weather
  • Brass non-slip bushing moulded into collar
  • Weight: 320g

What’s in the box

  • 1x Starlink Pole Adaptor
  • 1x Small Pole Diameter Adaptor
  • 2x M6 Stainless Steel Screws (304)
  • 1x Allen Key
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