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Ikusi NBS-801 42dB Distribution Amplifier

Ikusi NBS-801 42dB Distribution Amplifier

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- Four models: NBS-801 (1 broadband input ; 1 output),
NBS-804 (4 inputs BI/FM-BIII/DAB-2xUHF ; 1 output)
NBS-824 (4 inputs BI/FM-BIII/DAB-UHF1-UHF2 ; 1 output)
NBS-895 (5 inputs BI/FM-BIII/DAB-2xUHF-IF SAT ; 1 output)
-Input attenuators interstage.
- Powered by switching power supply, in removable box.
- By inserting a bridge, you can select the cutoff frequency low-pass filter in the upper UHF,
switchable between 862 MHz and 790 MHz.
-Power passing to input.
-Zamak housing with protective cover for adjustment potentiometers.
- F Connectors. Wall fixing and indoor mounting. Grounding terminal.

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