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Platinum Portable Caravan Satellite TV Kit PLUS 12V TV Bundle

Platinum Portable Caravan Satellite TV Kit PLUS 12V TV Bundle

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PROMO BUNDLE includes 1 X Platinum Satellite Kit +1 x AXIS 19" 12 Volt TV

The Platinum Caravan Satellite VAST TV Kit by Access Antennas Australia is the ultimate solution for caravaners looking for reliable and uninterrupted TV reception while on the road. With a 100% coverage guarantee for all of Australia, this kit is guaranteed to get a TV signal wherever you are. Designed and patented by Access Antennas Australia, this kit is a product of years of experience and expertise in the field of satellite TV reception. Backed by a money-back guarantee on this claim, providing added peace of mind for customers. With over 15,000 satellite TV kits sold in the last 20 years, this product is the most trusted and easiest to use on the market, you are guaranteed a successful set up. Enjoy clear and high-quality TV reception with the Platinum Caravan Satellite VAST TV Kit, the perfect companion for your caravan adventures.

This platinum caravan satellite tv kit includes the following:

  • Altech DSD5000 Satellite Receiver and recorder (with VAST smartcard) 
  • 80cm high performance Access Antennas dish with an Australian designed removable arm mechanism which enables the arm on the dish to be completely detached and stored in the bag (optional) in less than 15 seconds. We guarantee 100% coverage of Australia.
  • Tri-adjustable tripod with spirit level and carry bag
  • High performance 10.7 LNB
  • Inclometer/angle meter with magnetic base
  • 18m + 2m high quality satellite cable kit with high end Foxtel PCT compression connectors
  • Heavy duty carry bag
  • Military grade compass
  • Detailed instruction booklet or online video instruction guide

  • Digital HD Satellite Finder (aka 'The Marriage Saver') which is preprogrammed only to find the correct satellite making it extremely easy and avoid having to check the TV screen manually or yelling at your partner 


 Come into any of our shops Australia-wide for a free instructional demo or give us a call to place an order today


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