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Access Antennas

Resi-Linx RL-RF380

Resi-Linx RL-RF380

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Active, low loss combiner and splitter with 3 inputs, 8 outputs.

Includes gain control for Free To Air input to eliminate problems due to high/low signal strength. When combined with gain control on modulator, allows complete balancing of signals

FM trap On/Off switch to filter 88-108MHz signals from transferrring through to output ports to eliminate FM interference to TV reception

Designed for mounting into any Structured Cabling Enclosure

Length: 135mm
Width: 69mm
Weight: 405g
Depth: 22mm
Output Connection(s): 8
Input Connection(s): 3 (Modulator / ANT)
Power Input: 110-240V AC
Power Output: 12V DC - 1.5A Switch Mode
Power Output Connection: 1.8m Length with F-2.1mm Jack
Power Requirement: 12V DC Power Supply
Output Frequency Pass: 30KHz to 850MHz
Gain / Loss: ANT +2dB / Modulator +3dB
Output Run Distance: 60 metres
Isolation (Modulator inputs to ANT): -80dB

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