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Thor RF11iQP Smart Rack Guard Prodigy Surge Protection Power Rack

Thor RF11iQP Smart Rack Guard Prodigy Surge Protection Power Rack

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Now you can connect into a network and reboot/remotely turn 8 x outlets on/off. Featuring Outlet 1 with auto reboot function for internet connection devices. Control System integration with supplied API (on request). Once setup can control the RF11iQP Prodigy Guard Remote anywhere in the world. If there is a power interruption will automatically email a service technician to advise.

All features found in the base model RF11P Prodigy Rack Guard 11 pass through to the RF11iQP Prodigy Guard Remote plus the ability to INDIVIDUALLY control 8 x outlets and sit behind a network firewall ensuring security and integrity at all times. Prodigy non sacrificial patented circuit and filtering improved by over 30% adds a new meaning to power protection innovation.

  • Product Dimensions: 500 mm x 52 mm x 210 mm
  • Supply voltage 240/V AC 50Hz
  • Maximum current rating 10amps/2400 W (VA)
  • Reaction speed less than 1 nanosecond
  • Clamping Voltage 300V (lowest allowable)
  • Maximum Energy Dissipation more than 35,200+ as does not use Joules like traditional circuits
  • Noise Reduction Filter EMI/RFI (Prodigy Passive + 30% improvement)
  • Total Number Protected and Filtered outlets 11
  • SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocal
  • mDNS - multicast DNS so easier to find on local network
  • OTA firmware updates
  • RJ45 network port auto 10/100/1GB
  • Operating conditions Indoor/AC Mains
  • Operating Temperatures -10C/+60C
  • Cable lenght 2.0m
  • Isolated Circuit
  • LED all green means ok
  • Model: RF11iQP
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